All single flower essences ordered from Anaflora are prepared as concentrates, or stock strength. Although there are different opinions on how essences should be used, and in what potencies, it is our experience at Anaflora that stock potencies work best when diluted into dosage bottles for use. Generally speaking, "less is more." We find it more useful to use just a few essences at a time, and would suggest that as you begin working with the single essences that you consider trying one essence at a time. In this way you become familiar with the "personality" of each essence before combining them.

     To make up a treatment bottle, first choose the essence or essences to be used for treatment. Fill a sterile one-ounce dropper bottle (always use a glass bottle and dropper) 3/4 full of spring water. Add two drops (or more if your intuition suggests) of each essence selected. Potentize the essences by tapping the tightly closed bottle briskly against the palm of your hand a few times. Open the bottle and add one tablespoon (or less if you are going to use it up quickly) of brandy, vinegar or glycerine to preserve the stability of the essences. Close the top tightly and again potentize by tapping on the palm of your hand. You now have a dosage bottle from which to treat your animal friend and use yourself if you like. We suggest using brandy as a stabilizer for the flower essences. Over the years we have tried many other stabilizers and have found brandy to be the best stabilizer. It does not add any additional frequency to interfere with the action of the essences and it will insure their potency over the long term. The small amount of brandy in the dosage bottle assists the essences in being absorbed quickly into the system. Among our most interesting and more challenging case studies at Anaflora are several in which we did not achieve the desired results effect with the animal until switching to the brandy stabilizer.

     We have done many taste tests with animals using different stabilizers and find animals to be as uniquely different in their preferences as human being are. Dogs as a rule love their essence straight from the bottle and they usually love brandy! Cats and other animals may be more finicky, but we find that finicky animals often dislike the taste of other stabilizers, too. Most animals particularly dislike glycerine. If you put the essences in the animal's drinking water, in a short time virtually no alcohol taste remains. For those with special needs, Anaflora offers a Red Shiso alternative to the brandy stabilizer. Red Shiso is an herbal decoction diluted with white vinegar and is the best alternative to brandy.

     A usual essence dosage straight from the dosage bottle is four drops four times a day, although it is fine to use your own guidance and intuition when selecting amounts and frequency of treatment. Some people prefer odd numbers such as three or five. When putting essences in the animal's water supply the recommendation is four or five drops each time the water is changed; preferably once a day. Some people put a few drops of essence on the animal's food, but putting the essences in the animal's water is best.

     Elephants like to have the flower essences rubbed on their tongues and have a distinct preference for brandy! Turtles, armadillos and iguanas like the essences rubbed on their skin, as well as having it put in their water. Birds like the essences given directly, drop by drop on the tip of their beak. One of the sanctuaries that uses Anaflora essences reported that after the first treatment with flower essences the owls and hawks would open their beaks and flap their wings excitedly when their keeper approached with the essence bottles. Check the section above on administering flower essences to birds. Use your imagination.

     When not in use, it is best to keep your essence bottle in a dark cool place, but not in the refrigerator. The coldness of refrigerated essences may startle some animals. The exception to this would be if your treatment bottle is prepared without a stabilizer. In this case, you would need to refrigerate the essences to prevent deterioration.

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