Instructions For Administering Regular and Custom Formulas

     You will notice from reading the Anaflora's brochure and the book, Flower Essence Therapy For Animals that many of the essence formulas are designed to be taken by both you and your animal together. By taking essences with your animal, a resonance is created between the two of you that greatly facilitates the healing process. Many of the formulas are just as suitable for children, adults and elderly human beings as they are for animals. These interspecies essences include: Recovery Remedy, Return to Joy, Tranquility, Harmony, Relocation, Loneliness, Special Stress, Bereavement, Christ Consciousness, Transition, Telepathy, and Essence of Nature. 

     The essence bottles should be potentized before each use by tapping the bottom of the bottle briskly on the palm of your hand. Store essences in a cool place out of direct sunlight, or in the refrigerator.

     Essences are preserved in the highest quality brandy. Over the years I have found brandy to be the purest preservative for flower essences. It has a capacity to stabilize the integrity of the essences over time, insuring their potency and does not add an additional interfering frequency. If the essences are put in the animal's drinking water virtually no alcohol taste remains. Although many health conscious people may question the use of alcohol with animals, it is a naturally occurring substance . . . and in fact many animals will seek it out in the wild. Have you ever seen Cedar Wax Wings frolicking around the fermenting berries of a Pyracantha bush? For those with special needs essences can be ordered in red shiso, an herbal stabilizer.

     Essences may be given by adding to the animal's water, or rubbing on its ears, lips, gums or foot pads. Atomizers are available that attach to the one oz. bottles and allow you to spray the essences on and around the animal. This is a wonderful way to administer flower essences. All Anaflora's essences are human tested.

     Water is always the best vehicle for the delivery of flower essences. Essences are prepared in a water medium and water does not add an interfering energy. So, even if you choose to put essences in your animal's food, I would recommend putting it in his water too.

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