How long should I expect to wait before I see a difference in my animal's behavior, mood, or health, after beginning treatment with flower essences?

     In our experience at Anaflora, we have found that most people see some difference in just a few days, and many people report transformative effects in just hours. The entire challenge may not resolve in that short a time, but you should certainly see something that gives you confidence that things are moving in a positive direction.

     Should I dilute the Anaflora formula before administering to my animal and how will I know if she is getting "enough."?

     The answer to this question depends on whether or not you plan to give the essences directly to the animal by mouth, or put them in the animal's drinking water.

     Although the Anaflora formulas are considered dosage strength bottles, for the sake of convenience they have been formulated to be added to an animals drinking water, in which case they would be diluted when the animal drinks them.

     If you choose to put the essences directly into the animal's mouth, it is best to consider the individual animal's sensitivity to the taste of the stabilizer. For most dogs, giving the Anaflora essences directly from the formula bottle works best. For cats, it is best, when administering essences directly, to dilute them so they are more palatable. For dilution instructions and instructions for administering Anaflora essence formulas to specific animals see the instruction page.

     Most people over worry about the number of drops given and whether or not to dilute. It is really not critical. Your intent to heal your animal companion joined with the intent of Anaflora is very powerful. The number of drops used and how diluted the formula is, are secondary in importance. At Anaflora we have many clients who report transformative results using the essences straight from the bottle. Others have the same positive results diluting the essence before administration.

     Our research is beginning to indicate that the essences may indeed work in a way similar to that of homeopathy. The results of the use of the essences are often more powerful when the essences are diluted and potentized many times. This is particularly true in the treatment of birds.

     We do suggest, however, that you keep things simple at first, simply following the instructions on the Anaflora bottle.

     What if I am treating just one animal in a multi-pet household?

     Since flowers represent only positive qualities and virtues, they can only have positive effects. For this reason it is safe to put the flower essences in the general drinking water. If you wish to treat several animals in the home, we would suggest treating them one at a time, giving all the animals that one formula and then moving on to the other animals that need treating in a similar manner.

     Can I put the flower essences in my animal's food?

      Yes, you can put the essences in food, but we would still recommend that you put the essences in the animal's drinking water as well. Flower essences are most powerful when given alone. Even animals on natural home made diets drink some water and water is the best vehicle of delivery for flower essences. Flower essences should not be mixed with herbs, herbal tinctures or vitamin supplements as these substances will overpower and nullify the effects of the flower essences. Give the essences separately, or simply add to the animal's water.

     What should I do? My cat refuses to drink water except from a running tap, out of the bathtub, or the toilet!

     Try putting a small dish of water in the sink or bathtub with the essences in it. You can even put the essences in the toilet, as long as it is cleaned daily and is rinsed thoroughly so it is free of any toxic cleaning substances. You will, of course, have to replenish the essences each time the toilet is flushed. The essences can also be added to food as mentioned above, rubbed in the foot pads or ear tips and sprayed around the animals sleeping area.

     Should I refrigerate the flower essence bottle once it is opened?

     You can refrigerate the essences if it is handy to do so, but it isn't necessary. Flower essences will remain potent for many years if tightly capped. It is best, however, not to leave them on a sunny window sill or on the dashboard of your car, as the heat may damage them. Always keep in mind the importance of intention when handling essences and treat them as sacramental elixirs. We like to store essences in a sacred place such as on an altar or in a special drawer of their own.

     Is the alcohol stabilizer harmful to my animal?

     At Anaflora we have tried many stabilizers over the years and offer non-alcohol stabilizers for those with special needs, but we have found brandy to be superior in its ability to preserve the integrity of the essences over time and its ability to deliver the essences to the nervous system and the etheric body without the presence of conflicting, interfering or nullifying substances. When putting essences in the animal's drinking water you are only using a few drops and the alcohol taste quickly evaporates. If you choose to administer the essences directly into the animal's mouth it is best to order an empty bottle which you would fill with spring water and to which you would add 5-7 drops of your formula or single essence. When you do this, very little alcohol taste will remain. Cats can be finicky, but we have found that finicky sacramental, and just as wine is used in the sacrament of the Eucharist, so too, it is traditionally used in flower essence preparation. It is said that grape vines absorb gold out of the soil. Gold is the substance of alchemy and flower essences are alchemical in nature.

     How many formulas can be given at once?

     At Anaflora, we have found that it is best to use a single flower essence formula at a time. Even if a number of formulas seem appropriate for your animal, it is best to select one. You can then proceed to other appropriate formulas later. As with many things in the spiritual and healing realm. . . "less is often more."

     Is there one formula that is best to begin treatment with?

     In many situations, if there is time to begin treatment without the pressures of an immediate medical challenge or pressing behavior issue, it is good to start with the Return to Joy Formula. In particular, if it is known that the animal has been in an abusive situation or has suffered deprivation of love or affection, it is best to start with the Return to Joy Formula to restore balance to the emotional body before addressing other issues. Even if the animal has not suffered or lacked nourishment and love during its present lifetime, animals even more than humans have maintained their link with the collective unconscious of their species and that of other animals. Due to the lack of evolution of thought and feeling of many humans in their relationship with animals, the history of abuse and suffering of animals continues to this day. Animals absorb and reflect the trauma inflicted on their species as a whole; it needn't be personal to effect them. Often when memories of abuse are released and the animal achieves a balanced joyful state, other issue dissolve as snow in sunshine.

     When I read the descriptions of some of the Anaflora formulas it sounds as if it is describing me. Can I take the essences too?

     Yes! All of the Anaflora flower essence formulas are "interspecies" in nature. Return to Joy, Recovery Remedy, Harmony, Relocation, Special Stress, Bereavement, Tranquility, Christ Consciousness, Transition, Essence of Nature, Telepathy and Allergy formulas are all suitable for adult humans and children, as well as animals. We have even used Anaflora with insects, fish and plants with great results. It is wonderful to take flower essences with your animal friend. Taking essences with your animal creates a healing resonance between the two of you and serves as a gesture of co-operation which greatly facilitates the healing process. This is particularly true of the Return to Joy Formula, which releases animals from abuse they may have suffered at the hands of cruel and insensitive people.

     Can flower essences be given to an animal while they are taking other medications or undergoing other forms of medical treatment?

     Yes, flower essences do not interfere with other forms of therapy, but rather act as non-intrusive, non-harming, self-regulating supportive agents; which assist the animal in a return to balance, well-being and health.

     I am confused by the similarity of many of the single flower essence descriptions, how do I know which one to use?

     Many of the Anaflora single essences have similar definitions, because animal suffering includes reoccurring themes of fear, betrayal, abuse, hopelessness, despair and grief. Since no harm can be done utilizing the positive attributes of flower essences, you are encouraged to use your own intuition. and trust that the miracle of intention will assist both you and your animal in a return to wholeness. Don't be afraid to select an essence simply because you are drawn to its name. Many of the common names given to flowers accurately reflect the flower's healing signatures, having been bestowed upon them at a time when life was more simple and people lived closer to the earth. "Bleeding Heart", "Heart's Ease", "Self Heal", "Forget-Me-Not," "Fleabane" 
. . . the name says it all!

Beauty in the face
of adversity.

Self healing, equipoise.

Connection to
Divine Purpose.

Peaceful, loving,
harmonious interaction
with others.

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