If there is time to begin treatment without the pressures of an immediate medical challenge or pressing behavior issue, it is best to start with the Return to Joy Formula.

     In particular, if it is known that the animal has been in an abusive situation or has suffered deprivation of love or affection, it is best to start with the Return to Joy Formula to restore balance to the emotional body before addressing other issues. 

     Even if the animal has not suffered or lacked nourishment and love during its present lifetime, 
animals even more than humans have maintained their link with the collective unconscious of their species and that of other animals. 

     Due to the lack of evolution of thought and feeling of many humans in their relationship with animals, the history of abuse and suffering of animals continues to this day. 


     If you consider the atrocities inflicted on every specie of animal on a daily basis, and if you consider each animal’s attunement to all others of its species, much of an animal’s suffering will become clear to you. As the Great Cats are driven to the brink of extinction in ever increasing numbers is it any wonder that your cat suffers from non-specific anxiety? As the wolf continues to be persecuted in many areas of the world is it surprising that your dog exhibits neurotic tendencies at times?

     Often when memories of abuse are released, and the animal achieves a balanced joyful state, other 
issue dissolve as snow in sunshine.

     Just as memories of abuse and neglect are recorded in the collective unconscious of each species of animal, so to are our gestures of love and atonement towards animals received and recorded within the animal collective. With each individual act of kindness towards an animal we help to restore humanities sacred relationship with all animals.


“After my daughter went away to college her cat became depressed and refused to eat or play. I was worried that she would simply die of grief. Minutes after giving her the Return to Joy Formula she was jumping and running like a kitten again. It was amazing to watch.”
M.S.M., Mt. Shasta, Ca

“Rose, a beautiful calico cat, had been left by her former owners in the basement of an abandoned house without food or water for several weeks. It was clear from her behavior and physical condition that she had been physically abused and left to die. After two weeks on Return to Joy she is happy and trusting again.”
V.C.,Napa, CA

"I was working with a woman client who was in a very abusive marriage and who's physical countenance dramatically reflected the severity of her years of abuse. I suggested that she take Anaflora's Return to Joy. Two weeks later when I looked at her, her face had become 'pretty." She said that she was happy and that she thought she had the strength and courage to leave the relationship."
A.K., Grief Therapist

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