Throughout history, human beings have often mistreated and abused the animals sharing their existence. While there have always been individuals who loved and respected animals, there has also been a tremendous amount of exploitation, abuse, neglect and even extermination of animals by human beings, when they were no longer thought to be useful. Animals have suffered terribly in the name of medical research and human evolution. Even with the expanded consciousness of present time, animals continue to suffer at the hands of insensitive people and at best are often considered third class citizens of the world. 

     Among aware and sensitive people, the level of health care and nutrition for animals is expanding by leaps and bounds. Still, many of the popular therapies used to treat animals were developed for human use and then adapted for use with animals as an afterthought. Many pet foods and supplements marketed for animals contain products derived from the bodies of other animals that have most certainly died in cruel circumstances, adding insult to injury. 

     At Anaflora we believe it is time to “turn the tables,” to begin to make up to the animals for all of the centuries of abuse they have endured at the hands of human beings, and to give them a system of healing that is theirs alone, that is free of cruelty in any form and that addresses them as conscious, spiritually evolving beings like ourselves. At Anaflora, animals are not an afterthought . . . they are our first and only thought. 

     Patterned on the philosophy of Dr. Edward Bach, we have endeavored to create a system of healing free of pain and cruelty and instead, filled with love, reverence and a desire to be of service to the healing of the animal/human bond.

     Each of the Anaflora flower essences and flower essence formulas are made with the intent of healing animals and the animal/human relationship. This intent permeates everything done at Anaflora, where we endeavor to make up, in some small way, for all that has gone before in the way of animal suffering.

     Describing his choice of flowers as remedies Dr. Bach said:

“The use of animal products in medicine would necessitate cruelty, and no trace of such must occur in the divine art of healing. Plants desire to be used for the benefit of human nature [and of animals] and a blessing is conferred upon them during their service. Plants have the power to elevate our vibrations, and to draw down spiritual power, which cleanses mind and body, and heals.”

     The way to heal our animal companions lies first in the healing of our relationship with the entire animal kingdom. We can do this by freeing ourselves of the notion that we must harm to heal, to be healthy, or to be fashionable. We can pray daily for the welfare of animals everywhere and we can extend charity to animals in need. When we give flower essences to our animal companions, we can offer the healing vibrations of the plant kingdom as a sacrament of forgiveness between species. Forgiveness heals, charity and mercy heal, and above all else, love heals. Through forgiveness, charity, mercy, love and the healing power of the plants, a State of Grace will be restored for all beings. Join us in taking the first step.     

     To the right are photos of Lily, who is tending the preparation of California Wild Rose essence. Lily has been Sharon's companion for fourteen years and is an active participant in all phases of Sharon's work both in the office and in the field. Watch for her throughout the Anaflora web-site as she demonstrates her important role in the work of Anaflora.

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