There are often reasons for behaviors in animals that are not at all apparent from observation, and only reveal themselves through direct communication with the animal himself. Things viewed from the animal's perspective can be quite different than our perception of them. Telepathic communication with an animal will in most cases, reveal invaluable insights that greatly facilitate behavior resolution, rebalancing from emotional trauma and wounding as well as a more rapid recovery from illness and disease. The selection of appropriate flower essence remedies and other treatments for animals are also greatly aided through communication with the animal.

     In each of the cases below, telepathic communication was the key to unlocking the "mystery" of the individual situations allowing the situations to resolve quickly with the short term support of flower essences and other appropriate therapies.


"Hi Sharon! After moving I did everything you suggested with Sheba, & she is loving it! The day after the move she started to play again which she hadn't done in months. She also likes being able to sleep with me. She was purring up a storm by the end of the first day. I am keeping her on the custom formula + the standard allergy drops for now, but when I am ready to adopt a 2nd cat I'll contact you again. Thanks so much!"
Karen Blocher, GA

"My dog Tucker is feeling wonderful now. Everyone had said he was just a quiet puppy, but thanks to you we now know that he was experiencing chronic pain. With the information you gave me the vet was able to diagnose and treat him. He is now pain free and very lively...not quiet and withdrawn at all. Tucker will always be a sensitive boy and the flower essence you send help him keep in an "even keel" emotionally. The flower essences you send for me have dramatically reduced my tendency to create stress and of course this helps not only me, but Tucker as well. Thanks so much."
Alexis Ennis San Francisco, CA

"Your communication and flower essences have made an incredible improvement in the quality of Rosie's life. She had been living in terror for months under the bed in our study afraid to come out to eat or use the litterbox. We thought we would have to return her to the shelter. The situation has completely changed. Two days after we began the flower essences she came into the kitchen to eat...gingerly at first....but now a week later she is roaming freely throughout the house and has even shown interest in going out onto the porch which she was terrified of before. We can't thank you enough."
Elizabeth Lasky, Lincroft, NJ

"My cat Holly is much better about sleeping peacefully without disturbing me during the night since you communicated with her and sent the special Anaflora flower essences formula for her. Thanks! We are both more rested now."
D.P., Westport, CT

"Sharon, you will be glad to know that Tinkerbelle responded so well to the flower remedies and your talk with her. She is a much happier cat! She is so much more relaxed and connected to the home (does not wander off so much) and when I took her to the vet after Christmas for shots and worming she was PURRING. After treatment just sat on the treatment couch instead of rushing to hide as she used to inside her basket."
Annie Blampied, England

"The cats and I just adore our sessions with you - and the Anaflora flower essences are absolutely wonderful. We've all been transformed! We love you."
K.S. Gordon, Levitown, NY

"After your last conversation with her and the flower essences you sent my dog Rose has greatly relaxed. She still has frantic periods once in a while, but they are much less frequent. Rose and Molly have not had any tiffs either.The three of us look forward to our next conversation with you."
G. Waymire, San Francisco, CA

Thank you for the wonderful and informative consultation tonight. You so eloquently articulate, whether on your web-site or on the telephone, just how I feel about God, life, animals etc..etc.. Thank you for all your wonderful help. I look forward to talking with you again soon and receiving the flower essences for Mac. Thank you.
Kim, Dennis and Mac, Florida

"We are the owners of two Alaskan Malamutes. We contacted Sharon Callahan about an aggressive behavior problem we were having with the female dog. Sharon was highly recommended by someone we know and who knew of her work. We were somewhat hesitant and perhaps a bit skeptical, but life with an aggressive dog was unbearable and we felt we had little to lose by giving it a try. To our amazement, these tools of telepathic communication combined with some specific flower essences prescribed by Sharon have completely changed our situation. The changes that have occurred are very real and measurable. We enthusiastically and without hesitation would recommend Sharon's skills and services."
Rick Harris & Kathleen Marony Gig Harbor, WA

"The changes in my cat Isis are nothing short of amazing! I can only attribute these changes to contact with you and her daily treatment with the Anaflora Return to Joy Formula - everything else in her and our life has remained constant. In just ten days she has transformed from a frightened 'under the bed cat' to an adventuresome 'sleep ON the bed' cat. She even purrs now, we were beginning to think she was incapable of purring. We can't thank you enough."
Joyce Kramer, San Francisco, CA

"My cat Taybutton was not the cozy companion I had wished for. She was always hiding under the furniture and running from guests. Whenever I turned my ceiling fans on she became even more nervous and frightened and I would hardly see her for days. Within two weeks of a telepathic session with Sharon, and a custom flower essence formula, she was a completely different cat . . . warm, friendly and unfrightened She even talks to me now!"
S.B., Grand Rapids, Michigan

"It is just amazing to see the difference in Yoda since you began communicating with him and treating him with your essences. He looks at me and he connects to me now. It is very special - I thank you so much."
Andrea Facci, Ashville, NC

"My dogs Tioga and Sake are doing fantastic since talking with you several months ago. I had concerns about Saki's aggressive behavior. She has been on Anaflora Aggression Formula for two months now and it has done wonders! She is just sweet and adorable now. When I take her to the dog park now she gets along wonderfully with the other dogs and I have no more fights to break up."
Kari Paulson, Berkeley, CA

"Thank you for responding so quickly to my emergency call about Tea, the most recent injured greyhound I have adopted. I can never thank you enough for your kindness in not only responding in the first place, but also in sending the essence gift for Tea along with the beautiful St. Francis medal. Te has responded wonderfully to your gifts and I really believe that she finally believes she wants to go on. I am so grateful for all you've done for the greyhounds and me over the last year, Tea being just the most recent. I hope with all my heart that you know how heartfelt are these simple wordsthank you.
Jane Genzel, New Berlin, WI

"China (my chow dog) is looking beautiful! After your communication with her and the flower essences you sent all her fur has grown back. Thank you!"
Ashland, OR

"I was told when I bought my horse Dharma that I would probably never be able to ride her because of an injury to her knee. I thought that if all I was ever able to do was to be her friend and have her beauty in my life, it would be enough. With the Anaflora flower essence formulas that you made specially for the two of us and with your guidance, I began to see how the consequence of her injury mirrored my own fear of moving forward with my life. I am now riding Dharma and we are moving forward together. I am very grateful for your flower essences and your guidance."
K.M. Bainbridge, Washington

"When my daughter went away to college she left her Himalayan cat Porsche with me. Porsche was depressed and confused and when my daughter would visit, Porsche seemed torn between us. Sharon communicated with her and then gave her the Return To Joy Formula. Within minutes she was running and jumping like a kitten . . . it was amazing to watch!" 
Mary Saint Mari., Mt. Shasta, CA

"Just as you had predicted, two weeks after we spoke and after Reggie started the flower essence formula his ears cleared up dramatically! I've never seen them so clean. Thank you so much for your help."
S.P., Addison Township, PA

"Shannon is much better. He is more energetic but less aggressive . . . thank you for your work with him!"
Elizabeth Richter, Seattle WA

"My cat family (there are eight) and I have worked with Sharon for over a year now. We had used flower essences previously to assist transitions, emotional upsets and especially to help process negative behavior patterns such as spraying and not using the litter box. The Anaflora flower essences have been much more effective than the previous flower essences and have worked wonderfully to ease all our emotions. Sharon's communications with the cats has helped enormously with the more problematic cats to keep their processes moving and identifying their concerns to me. Contact with Sharon and Anaflora flower essences has improved the quality of life for me and my cat family beyond measure."
K.S., Minneapolis, MN

"Each time we have a session about my animals or about my own life I feel as if you are speaking to me from heaven. The perspective I have gained through our connection has enriched my life enormously and I love the Anaflora flower essences."
J.W., Tucson, AZ

"The Anaflora Special Stress Formula really helps the dogs coming into my grooming shop. I have "loaned" the Spay/Neuter Formula and the Christ Consciousness Formula to customers and now I need to replace my supply. The Christ Consciousness Formula helped me with the passing of my Ibezan Hound, Scarlet. Thank you for your wonderful products."
N.H., Love On A Leash Cincinnati, OH

"Thank you for the healing work and communicating you have been doing with my dog Jake and for the wonderful Anaflora flower essences. The lick granuloma is almost completely gone and he seems to have a much stronger sense of purpose around here."
C.I., Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Kanab U T

"Thank you for making wonderful flower essence formulas for my cat Chuck and me and for talking with us. Chuck is doing well and is much friendlier to me and has not scratched me since starting on the formulas."
K.N., San Francisco, CA

"I am so grateful to have found you and your beautiful essences. Thank you for offering to mix a special flower essence formula for me, as well as for Angel. The essence formula really helped me make a shift in my relationship with my parents. This visit with them has been much easier emotionally than before. I attribute that to my session with you and the formula you mixed for me. Angel, by the way, is doing much better in my absence than she has in the past. Thanks again!
C. McDermott Charlotte, NC

"I just had to tell you what an incredible shift I've seen in Oscar and Patchy. It is absolutely unbelievable! Oscar is calmer, more peaceful, less stressed out and less confused - he has made an miraculous attitude shift! Patchy is losing a lot of his fearfulness and he doesn't look at me with terror filled eyes like he used to. The last few days he has been going out in the yard and enjoying himself for the first time. I am just in awe of the change in just a few days of our session and starting the essences. It is like when you weigh 300 lbs and you've just lost 50. It's a big step even though there is a way to go. That's what I'm seeing with these guys - I've noticed a 50 lb loss! I am just ecstatic and looking forward to our next session."
Laura Maddox Laguna Niguel, CA

"My Babus was a very sick little kitten when I took her to see Sharon. I thought she was going to die. Sharon gave her so much healing love and then the flower essences, that soon she was well. She really saved her life! Sharon came to visit her a short time ago, one year after seeing her as a kitten. Babus remembered her and came right over crawled up and gave her a kiss on the nose!"
Judy Cagle. Mt. Shasta, CA

"When my daughter went away to college she left her Himalayan cat Porsche with me. Porsche was depressed and confused and when my daughter would visit, Porsche seemed torn between us. Sharon communicated with her and then gave her the Return To Joy Formula. Within minutes she was running and jumping like a kitten . . . it was amazing to watch!"
Mary Saint-Marie, Mt. Shasta, CA

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