The use of the Anaflora flower essences alone has created many wonderful and often dramatic positive changes for animals over the years. These testimonies speak of the results of the use of Anaflora formulas as well as custom blends.


"The other day I was stopped at a gas station filling up my truck when I heard a cat meowing loudly. I noticed a young woman in a moving van tending to her kitty in a cat carrier, next to two love birds in their own holder. I walked over to see if I could help....she said they were moving to a new home. The kitty was very unhappy, and the woman was quite worried about her feline friend. I had some Anaflora Recovery Formula with me....I pulled it out and added some water to it (there was only a little bit left). The woman had never heard of flower essences, but without hesitation brought her cat out and held her while I put a few drops onto her tongue. I suggested that she take some as well. :) When I came back outside from paying for my gas, the woman reported that her cat was now rolling over on its back...totally relaxed! She and her husband and their animal companions drove off on their adventure with a whole new outlook!"
Bobbie Jo Lieberman

"Our cat Seriphina had been depressed and terribly withdrawn since her friend and companion of 8 years died suddenly. After just two days on your Anaflora Bereavement she is happy and joining the family again. We are so grateful. We almost thought we would loose her too."
Jeri Jensen, Rockport, TX

"Thank you so much for your kind donation of Anaflora Return to Joy flower essences. We have been giving it to all of the cats we rescue (there are thirty with us at the moment) and house until homes are found for them. They have responded remarkably to the addition of the flower essences to their drinking water. One cat Jezebel had been left behind when her mistress died of cancer. After the first dose of Return to Joy her mood shifted from one of depression and pain to one of curiosity about her new environment. She has continued to improve with each day and we hope to place her in a wonderful new home."
John Cunningham, Rochester, NY

"The Anaflora Flower Essences are doing extremely well in our shop. I feel so good offering these formulas to my customers and their animals. We have two cats in our store that are up for adoption . They are very nervous, but extremely affectionate. One of the cats recently came down with a urinary infection. I started to give him the Anaflora Senior Formula, since he is 10 and has the bladder problem. I noticed within 2 days that he is more relaxed and trusting and seems to feel better."
Pamela Seri ,The Natural Pet, NY, NY

"My name is Leigh Duke, and you have helped me and my sweet dogs more than you know. Many months ago, you made up custom flower essence formulas for my dog, Apollo, and his mom Athena. You also made up a special 'seizure' formula for Apollo who has epilepsy which enhanced his quality of life a great deal. When Apollo died you made a grieving formula for me and Athena that was very helpful and comforting For all your work, I thank you- your flower essence formulas have been a huge, helpful part of our lives."
Leigh Duke, Midlothian, Virginia

"Thank you so much for the the new custom flower remedy that you sent for my border collie Nell. Nell really likes the words "Let's take our remedy!" She runs to the fridge and waits eagerly for me to get the bottle out. It is a 3 times a day ritual we both grew to love when we began the Return to Joy Formula you prescribed a month ago. Nell is more peaceful now and less frightened and seems to LOVE accepting the essences from me and then watching me take mine. It's just a 30 second ritual 3 times a day, but you'd think we were heading to the woods for our daily hikes and explorations as she reacts the same way when I say "lets take our remedy!" as she does when I say "Let's go to the woods!"
Penny Wolverton-Blake & Nel, Stewart, Ohio 

"Anaflora is great! After reading about Barbara the elephant taking flower essences I thought to myself 'If this stuff can help an elephant, it ought to be able to help a Chihuahua.....it has. Thanks a million!"
Ed St. Clair, Milwaukee, WI

"Our little dog was un-manageable. We used your Good Dog formula and then the Special Stress drops and he has transformed. He comes in and out of the house nicely and is no longer hostile towards the other animals."
Janet Harms, Oakland, CA

"My Pomeranian cross would never let me get close to him with the nail clippers. It was suggested that I drug and muzzle him. I didn't do that because I didn't want him to loose trust in me. After a month on Anaflora Happy Feet he is trusting as can be and I no longer hear a steady 'clickity click' as he walks through the house."
Bonnie Vickers. West Nyack, NY

"Kramer has transformed since beginning your Anaflora Aggression Formula. He is a new dog. He remains a bit anxious in the yard, but we are now able to take him in the truck without him scaring the pants of people with his aggressive barking."
Carly Bronson, Medford, OR

"I am calling to re-order Anaflora Spraying Cat Formula. We have been using it with our male cat Taylor and it works great. We ran out and stopped using it for a few days and the behavior returned. Please rush our order. We love that stuff!"
Lynn Styles, Santa Rosa, CA

"This is a follow-up on my kitty, Shadow. She is doing quite well now. She is currently on the Special Stress formula and will be finishing up soon. There has been a lot of change in her behavior towards my other two cats, Misty and Jasmine. Shadow has relaxed quite a bit. The change wasn't over night and I see that she is still evolving, but everything is so much better now. Shadow just had her first annual physical, and the vet declared her in glowing health. So, she is doing well on all fronts. Thanks very much for your help."
Yours truly, Margaret Colony

"Dear Sharon, Our puppies were spayed this week and I gave them the pre surgery and spay and neuter for a little over a week before and now they're on the post surgery and spay and neuter. Everyone here, animal and human is now taking the Anaflora essences and we have noticed the following: all the animals are starting to assemble together more. Now, it's not unusual to find 5 or 6 of the cats all together with a puppy or two lying close by. There is a peacefulness and openness that feels different. And our own emotions seem to be flowing with an ease and sweetness that has not always been present. The flower essences have been a key support in our rebirth and I am so grateful for them." Peace and Blossoming.

"I recently purchased a bottle of Return To Joy for the cats at the shelter that I work at. Many are rescued and still quite feral and Return To Joy brought many of them out of their shell, many of them are now much more friendly with people which increases their chance of adoption. Thanks so much for the product you've made."
Amanda Yollin, Oyster Bay, Ny

"My cat Kareem is much more loving, affectionate, settled and happy since he began taking the Anaflora formulas that you sent for him. Especially he is spraying much less than he did before on the Spraying Cat Formula." 
Kathy Gass, Cave Creek, AZ

"I am so pleased with the Anaflora Special Stress Formula. Louie (Cairn Terrier) and I can now drive anywhere, even long distances in peace and silent communion with one another. We both take the formula before leaving the house. Louie has transformed from a back seat pacer and barker to an alert but tranquil driving companion and needless to say I am more peaceful and tranquil, too!
Jan Spina, Palo Alto, CA

"The team (Ididarod Sled Dog Race) did great on the flower essences you sent for them. They were up and out in the mornings in no time. Although the guys were reluctant to use flower essences at first they are sold now. They were teased a bit and called the "Flower Power Team' but teasing soon turned to envy and questions about 'what was in that stuff.' The team excelled, and the dogs and the drivers were happy and healthy upon completing the race."
Tracie Audette, Palmer, AK

"Our Whole family has been taking the Anaflora Bereavement Formula since Cuddles died. It is working! Our other old dog Rusty was so depressed we thought we would loose him too but thanks to your formula we have him back. We will always miss Cuddles, but we can go on with our life now. I am very grateful for this formula you have come up with."
D.H., Berwyn, IL

"My dog Rose is much more settled since our communication session with you and taking the Return to Joy Formula. She is happier and calmer."
Grace Waymier, Redbluff, CA

"Thank you for the flower essence formulas. The cats are showing a marked positive difference!'
L.W., Durango, CO

"I have been seeing good results with animals coming out of surgery with Recovery Formula, one of a line of animal specific flower essence formulas from Anaflora. If the surgery is a spay/neuter, I also recommend Anaflora's Spay and Neuter Formula alternating with Recovery Formula starting two weeks before and continuing for one month after surgery."
Bob Goldstein, DVM

"We have been using the Spraying Cat Formula on some of the cats here and they stopped spraying immediately. Please send more!!"
Joy Moffatt Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Kanab, UT

"I just received my order of Anaflora flower essences. The moment I opened the package I was overcome by the beauty of the packaging. When I opened the bottle the power of the essences was immediately evident. Two weeks after beginning the Return to Joy formula with my animal family we feel as if a great heavy burden has been lifted. I feel emotionally clear and the animals are exhibiting a sense of harmony that I never thought possible. Thank you for the love that you have put into these beautiful essences.."
Gail Randour, San Anselmo, CA

"As a massage practitioner and vibrational healer for both animals and people I have tried many flower essences from many sources. Nothing compares to the vibrational quality of the Anaflora essences. I love them and my clients and their animals love them too. Thanks." 
Joan DeMoss, NY

"A few weeks ago I ordered a custom blended essence for my dog Toby. We are having great success and I wish to order another. I was somewhat speech-less when Sharon suggested to me that Toby's itchy skin was caused by emotional upset. I hadn't told her, but I had lost my mother a few months ago and shortly thereafter had surgery for a breast tumor that thankfully was benign. After talking with Sharon for just that few minutes everything became clear and it seemed obvious that Toby had been picking up my grief and stress even though I tried to be cheerful when tending to him. Toby and I feel supported and loved when we take Anaflora flower essences and would like to Bereavement and Special Stress Formulas."
Anne Heuser, Maspeth, NY

"We have two five year old litter mate German Shepherd puppies. The female developed a problem with itchiness down her spine. If you petted her on her back her skin would "crinkle" up and she would itch herself like crazy. One month after starting her on the Anaflora Allergy Formula 7 drops 4 times daily, she is clear of the itching. Love your products and what a joy to have success with something as natural as flower essences."
Laura Dayton, NY

"Since taking the flower essence formula my dog Kate is jumping with much more confidence. She has not ticked the bar or solid jump, and does not seem to be upset when going into the jumping exercises."
C.P., Border Collie Trainer Two Rivers ,WI

"The flower remedy you prescribed is helping Leah. When I gave it to her the first time she left the bedroom where she had isolated herself immediately and she has been more interactive ever since. She is coming into the kitchen now and asking to be fed. I am very happy about the powerful effect o this formula."
C.B., Golita, CA

"Thank you for the flower essence formulas. The cats are showing a marked positive difference!'
Lauren Willis, Durango, CO

"Cleo, (Pot Bellied Pig) is much less restless and aggressive during her heat periods since taking the custom flower essence formula you sent for her. It makes life much easier around here!"
E.P., Highlandsvlle, MO

"My eight year old cats Sugar and Flocka who have never liked to be touched or petted, and who have always been terrified of company, have been on your flower essence formulas for a week and already there have been quite a few changes. Flocka has been sitting on my lap every evening and also climbed in the chair when I had a friend here letting the friend pet her which she has never done before. This morning Sugar purred when I petted her . . . now, Sugar hardly ever, ever purrs! I am really pleased with the changes. I think your Anaflora flower essences are great!"
N.H., Chula Vista, CA

"Tibet is doing great! The flower essence formula has moved her forward. She is much more loving and seems to be in her body more of the time."
JoAnne Arison, Venice Beach, CA

"Since starting on the Good Dog Formula and her special formula, Gwynnie now looks attentively at me during our lessons. She is more responsive and learned the 'down' command in just two sessions! She allows me to pick her up now, and I can put ointment on her foot which she initially refused."
Molly Mele, Napa, CA

"After only three days on the Special Stress Formula, Rosie began sitting in the front window of my apartment and now comes to the door when people pass by . . . un-heard-of until now! She even stayed near the front screen door while the gardeners used the lawn mower. She is much less skittish!"
Virginea Callahan, Napa, CA


"Feral Cat Comforted!!"
"Incredible.....and a first! What a breakthrough! Sassy just now came into my bedroom and started meowing, meowing, meowing....looking up at me with those huge green eyes and asking for reassurance by presenting her entire entity for me to pick up, love, stroke and cuddle. She ASKED! I used the Anaflora Feral Cat Comforter earlier today. I am absolutely overwhelmed with this totally new behavior. Sassy is seeking out those she trusts and feels secure with. Hallelujah!!!"

"I cannot express the depth of my gratitude for the Anaflora Feral Cat Comforter. The fact that you care enough to think of such a product is probably a healing in itself. We have been using Feral Cat Comforter for several months with the cats that we rescue. So, so many of them have come around in just a few days, letting us touch and pet them. With others it takes a bit longer, but they, too come around to trusting and forgiving. They seem to drink more water with the flower essence drops in their bowls. A few of the cats remain untouchable, but even they have a more trusting look in their eyes and a different energy when approached. As you said in your article about feral cats sometimes having their own purpose perhaps these individuals should be released into some safe environment. The most wonderful thing about Feral Cat Comforter is that it makes it perfectly clear which cats can be tamed and placed and which should be returned to their more wild life. Thank you so much for your love of these extraordinary animals. Love really does make all the difference."
Amanda Christopher, NY, NY

"I Recently Purchased a bottle of Anaflora Return to Joy for the cats at the shelter where I work. Many are rescued and still quite feral. The Return to Joy brought many of them out of their shell, many of them are now much more friendly with people. Thank you so very much for this wonderful product you have made."
Amanda Yollin, Oyster Bay, NY

"I had almost given up on a little feral cat I call Midnight. All of her kittens had died or been poisoned and she seemed on the verge of dying herself. One of her eyes was glued shut with puss and her little nose was continually incrusted. I had been trying to coax her to eat and to trust me for months, hesitating to try and trap her for fear it would simply undo the little bit of trust she did have in me. I began adding the Anaflora Feral Cat Comforter and the Return to Joy to her drinking water and spraying it around the porch where she comes to eat. To my amazement on the third day she came close enough to sniff my hand. By the end of the week I was able to touch her lightly. She is now eating more vigorously and her eye and nose don't seem so bad. I will allow her trust in me to build for another few weeks before I attempt to pick her up and take her to the veterinarian for an check up and spaying.

Before all of this began, I thought I would simply trap her and find her a home or re-release her. Through this process, however I have fallen in love with her. She is so very brave and so very strong despite her small size. I have always been a bit of a fearful person, but Midnight is teaching me about courage. Thank you Sharon, for the wonderful flower essences. Thank you Midnight for trusting me."
Gigi Rogers, Half Moon Bay, CA

"In anticipation of moving our feral cat colony to their new improved quarters we called Anaflora for help. Sharon sent us a Relocation Formula and Feral Cat Comforter for the whole group. The cats had all been in the same place together for a long time and it was a big move for all of them. With the help of the Anaflora essences, the move went very smoothly and the cats are now enjoying their wonderful upgraded home.
T.L., Vet Tech Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Cats

"The Manhattan Valley Cat Rescue thanks you for your wonderful Anaflora Cat 
Comforter flower essence formula."

"I can't believe it. In just three weeks on the Anaflora Feral Cat Comforter I am touching these wild cats. Amazing. I am so thankful. I know I can find them homes now."
Joy Adams Chicago, IL

"Thank you for sending us the Anaflora Feral Cat Comforter. We are seeing very positive results. Some of the cats are rolling over on their bellies and letting us touch them now.
Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, Kanab, UT

"I am just amazed by the results I have been having with Anaflora's Feral Cat Formula. I have had four very wild feral kittens in my apartment for over a month. After just a few days on the essences I am touching and petting them. I can't thank you enough."
A.J. New York, NY

"Although my five cats are not feral, they are siblings and have always been nervous, suspicious of strangers and terrified of noises. Sharon suggested that I try them on the Feral Cat Comforter by Anaflora. To my amazement, after just a few weeks they are much calmer, more affectionate and now come out from under the bed when I have company. I am really happy and surprised at the results. I only wish I had known about Anaflora years ago."
A.C. Novato, CA

"I have been using Feral Cat Comforter with some dogs I rescued from the streets in Puerto Rico. It seemed logical. These dogs exhibited the same traits of mistrust, fear and nervousness of may feral cats. I am happy to report that they are now well adjusted, calm, cautious but friendly and ready to be placed in loving homes. Thank, you!'

"It wasn't until I heard Barthalomew barking vigorously this morning that I really took notice of how seldom now he does bark! Thanks to your loving care, attention and abilities, my stress level has just about evaporated. Thank you for your wonderful service."
Joyce Elaine, Mt. Shasta, CA

"Shannon is much better. He is more energetic but less aggressive . . . thank you for your work with him!"
Elizabeth Richter, Seattle WA

"I called you a few months ago about an abused and abandoned cat I had taken in. You sent me Anaflora Return to Joy and Harmony Formulas. Immediately after taking the formulas He calmed down, became loving and is now a regular member of our household."
M.H. West Valley City, UT

"I am writing to tell you that we have had great success using Anaflora Feral Cat Comforter with the feral cats we rescue. Many of them have responded quickly becoming trusting and loving and many have been placed in loving homes as a result."
Beverly Carter, Brooklyn, NY


"Sunflower (female Welsh Pony) is much calmer since taking the Anaflora Formulas. We gave her the Return to Joy Formula for three week by itself as you suggested and now give her the Emotional Balancing and Healing Essences when we trailer her or when Jody (8 yrs. old) shows her. She is much calmer in the trailer and in the show ring and we no long worry about Jody getting hurt during one of Sunflower's anxiety 'dances.' Thank you so much for de-stressing our lives!"
Anne and Jody Forrester, NY

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