Here at Anaflora, we have a particular interest in the treatment of epilepsy in dogs and other animals. Some of the severest cases show dramatic improvement with telepathic communication combined with appropriate essences. In the case of epilepsy, flower essences custom blended for the individual animal are often the most effective as the cause for the seizures are different with almost every animal. Many people however, have had good results using a combination of Anaflora's Return to Joy and Special Stress formulas. Look for some epilepsy case studies in the Case Studies section.


"I would like to thank you! Eighteen days ago we received our first custom formula, for our 3 year old Labrador Retriever "Amber." She had been having seizures approximately every three days before we starting giving her the essences. Once we started the essences she went sixteen days seizure free. THANK YOU! We have been so very worried about her seizures. Our vet recommended she be put on Phenobarbital, but since she is only 3 years old, we were very concerned about liver problems as well as other side effects from the drug. So, we started to do a lot of research and found Anaflora. We can't thank you enough. Now we have hope."

"We are so very grateful to Anaflora flower essences. Molly has been seizure free for eight weeks now. Before beginning her special Anaflora formula she was having two seizures a week. This had been going on for over a year with no relief and we have not wanted to resort to drugs.We can't believe our good fortune. An angel must have guided us to you."
Bev Granger, Mill Valley, CA

"Callie has been seizure free for over a year now. We can't thank you enough for your wonderful flower essences. We were so deeply touched when the first bottle arrived and had the lovely St. Francis medal attached. Callie has worn it on her collar ever since. Maybe St. Francis has something to do with Callie not having seizures, or maybe it is simply that someone cares about doesn't really matter. She is seizure free and we are very happy."
Belinda Jeffers, Phoenix, AZ

"Our dog Scooby has been seizure free since starting the special Anaflora flower essences you prepared for him. It has been 6 months. We are very hopeful. You are our light in the darkness.!
J. Vega,San Jose, CA

Cleopatra hasn't had a single epileptic seizure since she began taking the special flower essence formula you sent for her - a record four months seizure free. We can't thank you enough.
Carol Andrews, Ohio

I am happy to report to you that since she has been on the special flower essences you sent for her my dog Coco has been five months without a seizure. I am really beginning to feel I can relax about it now.
Paul Norman, Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you for your wonderful help with Papi. Since talking with you and starting on the flower essences that you sent he has had very few seizures. We have both been helped in these stressful times."
Harriet Morris , Monterey, CA

"It meant so much to me to have our consultation today. The spiritual help and strength you gave so sincerely to my life and the lives of my critters will be valued always."
A.T., Myrtle Beach, SC

"I must tell you the good news! Dozer is down from a high of ten seizures every twenty four hours to just three or four. Last week he had three days completely seizure free which has been unheard of till now. I can only attribute these changes to your communication and love for Dozer and the Anaflora flower essences. Our life is so much more peaceful now. Thank you."
Kathy, Los Angeles, CA

"Miss Kitty is doing much better. She is bonding much more deeply with my other cat Lucy and has had only one small seizure since her telepathic session with you and since starting the flower essence formula that you sent. It is amazing how wonderfully both cats are doing now."
Linda Kramer, Pensacola, FL

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