Many animals and people are greatly benefited by animal communication alone. These testimonies speak of such instances.


"I had an appointment with you mid April, you helped me communicate with my dog, Nushka. I just wanted to tell you what a wonderful impact your session had on me. During my session you suggested that I explore meditation as well as my own psychic abilities. Well, I attended an animal communication seminar in May, and with Nushka as my guide, I was able to participate in several meditation exercises that were truly amazing. I had felt Nushka around me prior to and after speaking with you, but now that I know how to quite my mind, she washes over me daily like a warm bath, its really wonderful. I wanted to thank you so much for starting me on this path that I might have never taken. Nushka's death has made me more of a spiritual being, and as a result I am more calm, and I don't worry nearly as much. Thank you for everything."
Teri Robinson, Maine

""I wanted to report back to you about my black lab, Patch's, health status. During our session with you a few weeks ago you said that you felt Patch's preliminary diagnosis of a genetic heart problem was not his real problem and that he was more emotionally distressed than anything. My husband and I took him to the Cardio clinic the following Monday and you were right... although he did have a very, very mild condition, it is to such a small degree that he will probably never exhibit any symptoms and it will never be a problem for him. His energy level and stamina have returned steadily over the last weeks and he seems to be back to his old self."
Thank you! Lara Killgore

"We've spent the last few days processing all the wonderful information you were able to give us. None of us can thank you enough. Have to tell you that Booker seems different. It's subtle for the most part, but there are also some clear outward signs. He's more content, lighter, happier, and while he has always been close to me physically (follows me wherever I go), he's even closer now. He's . . . brighter, somehow. We are most grateful. That you also picked up on my mother so precisely is still kinda rolling around in my head. You have a wonderful gift and we are all profoundly grateful that you could share it with us. We will most surely speak with you again. 
Many thanks and blessings, Debby

"We are speechless! The information you revealed to us about our dog Abbey was so accurate and helpful. She seems to have a new lease on life now, and quite smug about her new found way to tell us thing! My husband, who was on the extension line during our session with you, had been very skeptical of animal communication. Now it is all he can talk about. You did a wonderful job of including him in the session. Even though he didn't say much he felt honored by your questions to him and Abbey's questions to him through you. Our session with you has drawn us all closer together. Thank You."
Elizabeth Richter, Portland, OR

"We cannot begin to tell you how much we valued your communication with our rescued dog Maggie. It has been incredibly useful knowing her background and to understand why she is so frightened in certain situations. On reflection, my husband and I can perceive the reality of what Maggie communicated through you. With our new found understanding of her she is beginning to come out of her shell and join the family more and it has only been a few days since our session with you. During our session with you Maggie and our other dog Shayne came in and sat on the bed with us....the first time they had been willing to share the bed ! They both sat attentively through the whole session. Thank you so much for this new found understanding of our beloved pets."
Angela and Jim Carter, Portland, OR

"I am completely overwhelmed and touched by what has just happened. I hadn't been off the phone with you for more than an hour after our session with Tiki when I turned around to find her standing at the bottom of the stairs looking soulfully at me! I know that at 18yrs old she doesn't have much time left, but it is so heartwarming to have her seek out our company once again. And to come all the way down the stairs, we didn't think she could do that on her own, but there she was. She seems to have a new lease on life. We are ever grateful."
Bob and Becky Thomas, Milton, VT

"Sharon, I wanted to thank you for your many insights into my family and me. Connery says thanks for jogging my memory---he has his Pounce cat treats again, the little yellow things he mentioned to you. And thanks for confirming so many inklings that I was afraid I'd imagined."
With love from Karen

"Thanks so much for your help with my two dogs. I am grateful to have been taken on my special journey with animal communication.
C.S. Santa Fe, NM

"What an incredible experience! I feel a sense of peacefulness and joy that has not been with me for a long time. Thank you so much."
Adrianne Garber

"Thank you so much for all your work with my cat Popsie. He hasn't tinkled on the carpets since your talk with him and he seems more relaxed about things."
Cheryl, McDermott, Charlotte, NC

"I can always tell when you are talking (communicating telepathically) with the cats. They become calm, peaceful and attentive."
Kathy Gass, Cave Creek, AZ

"My rabbit Blackberry's eyes are much clearer since you communicating with him. His tear ducts are opening and he is much more comfortable than before."
Nancy Carlton, Berkeley, CA

"Many, many thanks for your beautiful guidance and wisdom. The cats have never been more contented or peaceful and my love for them has grown beyond measure."
M.S San Anselmo, CA

"Thank you so much for your help with Columbus! Our telephone consultation today was inlightening and helpful."
Fi.B., Kanab, UT

"Your assistance with my animal family has been invaluable and has spilled over and affected the children and my husband in positive and wonderful ways as well. I am grateful, and I look forward to our next phone session."
D.E., Boulder, CO

"Thank you for all your incredible love, passion and diligence in the gifts you provide for animals and their people. You beautifully, powerfully and accurately articulate the wonder of the unseen dimensions into clear grounded focus in the visible."
S.H., Boulder, CO

"Thank you for your loving ministrations to our dear old dog Pasha. She is doing so much better in every way. After each phone session with you she runs around the house as if she were a kitten again!" We have tried to get a picture of her at these times but it just comes out a blur!"
L.B., San Francisco,

"It meant so much to me to have our consultation today. The spiritual help and strength you gave so sincerely to my life and the lives of my critters will be valued always."
A.M. Tobias, Myrtle Beach, SC

"Thank you so much for your help with Columbus! Our telephone consultation today was inlightening and helpful."
Fina Bruce, Kanab, UT

"I would like to thank you for your assistance! We decided to change our cat Black Boy's name as you suggested after talking with him. He is now called Archie and he seems much happier and more outgoing. He acts like he belongs, instead of being an observer. For the first time since he joined us we feel like a family."
N.G., Allentown, PA

"It wasn't until I heard Barthalamew barking vigorously this morning that I really took notice of how seldom now he does bark! Thanks to your loving care, attention and abilities, my stress level has just about evaporated. Thank you for your wonderful service."
Joyce Elaine, Mt. Shasta, CA

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