The death of a beloved animal often touches us as much or more deeply that the death of a beloved human being and often no one seems to care or understand our grief at such times. Telepathy, which means to "feel at a distance," crosses all time and dimensions as does love, and animals often have beautiful messages for their beloved people from "the other side. In addition, many animals in spirit are able to offer their people insights into their lives from their new and "higher perspective." that can be transformative. 

     For more helpful information on grieving the loss of a beloved animal see Grieving the Loss of a Loved Animal. The people below speak of the comfort of hearing words of love and reassurance from their beloved animal "angels."


"Thank you so much for the communication with my rabbits Dinky and Bonomo. It took a great weight from my heart. You have been blessed with a wonderful gift and we, in turn, are blessed to know you. With gratitude and thanks....
Mary Christerson

"I wanted to share my deepest, heart and soul felt appreciation for all the wonderful work you to. I have just shared your healing writings with yet one more person who has been grieving the dying and now death of her beloved cat. Sharing your special words has given me strength (not to mention enormous comfort) to help others. Those in receipt of your stories have been able to deal with their issues more clearly and lovingly." 
Blessings, Lynn Styles, Santa Rosa, CA

""You did a reading for me many years ago after the death of my beloved dog Ajna. I just came across your incredible website which I had not seen before and I wanted to let you know that the reading you did changed my life forever. I am a different person now. More accepting of the mystery of life and of death and far, far more able to be of assistance to others."
In Gratitude, Barbara Carson-Miller, Boulder, CO

"Just as Bumble told you after her death - six months later she returned to me as a kitten. Orange stripes just as she was before. As you said she would she appeared in my yard, walked up to the window, asked to be let in and settled in just as if nothing had ever happened. Our Jack Russel Morty who usually chases anything that moves, greeted Bumble and went about his business....................amazing.........................wonderful. I just had to tell you."
Ginny Parsons, San Bernadino, CA

"I cannot express to you how deeply I was touched and helped by your message from my beloved Binker who died so suddenly. She can rest at peace now and so can I knowing that she is safe and that she forgives me for all of the mistakes I thought I had made in caring for her. I am ever in your debt."
Alecia Martin, Santa Barbara, CA

"I thought I would never recover from the grief and remorse I felt over Limpits last months. It was so deeply touching to hear from her through you and to know that all is forgiven and that she understands and still loves me. Life will not be the same without her sweet presence in my life but I have the strength and peace of mind to go forward now. I cannot thank you enough."
Gayle Mc Dermott, Huntsville, AL

"The help you gave us during our cat Blackberry's last few weeks of life will never be forgotten. There is so little support available when an animal is dying other than the usual euthanasia. With your soothing ways you brought our family into balance and helped us ease Blackberry out of his body naturally and lovingly. He now rests in our yard under his favorite rosebush. Your love and caring will be remembered always."
Bob, Angie, Bobby, Coralee and Blackberry Lehman, Port Orford, WA

"I cannot explain in words how much your help meant to me after my cat Cindy died. My anguish and grief have turned to joy and hope. Thank you."
Andreas Richter, Arlington, WA

"I can't thank you enough for our session with my cat Tashi. My feelings of loss are still painful, but you helped me clear out my feelings of guilt and the "what ifs."
J.C., Seattle, WA

"I will always be grateful to you for communicating with my dog Steffi during her last three weeks of life. Those moments of sharing and understanding between you, me and her will be in my heart forever. I can't express how deeply appreciative I am for your help. This was a life changing experience for me, You have given me a deep sense of assurance and peace that Steffi is happy and full of joy."
M.H., Palmer, AK

I want to thank you very much for our session last night. You've provided me with many meaningful and important insights about Scruffy and her life with us."
Anna Mascioli, Mississauga, Canada

"I called Sharon after my nineteen year old cat Samantha died. I was grieving terribly. Sharon was warm, kind and helpful and didn't even ask for payment! I sent Sharon pictures of Samantha and she brought through a beautiful message from her . . . It was so Samantha!"
Kathy Albanese, Golita, CA

"Thank you so much for providing me with such a soulful communication with my Tinkerbell shortly after her passing. It has made all the difference I can go forward with my life now. I will always be grateful to you."
M.D.,Los Angeles, CA

"Words can hardly express the significance of my reading with you. It was so inspiring - beyond helpful. I actually feel good about Shiva's passing. Although I still miss him and think of him, there is an overall peace about it now. The information you gave me about my other two felines has also served us well. Katrina has mellowed and is more present with me since we talked with you and started taking the flower essences you sent and Pushkin is much less depressed over the loss of his friend. Thank you for your compassionate and insightful impressions.
Jana, Seattle, WA

"I called Sharon after my nineteen year old cat Samantha died. I was grieving terribly. Sharon was warm, kind and helpful and didn't even ask for payment! I sent Sharon pictures of Samantha and she brought through a beautiful message from her . . . It was so Samantha!"
K.A., Golita, CA

"Thank you for your article on the loss of a beloved animal, it seemed to have been written just for me. I have long been aware that the loss of one of my animals has been more painful than the loss of a human, but never has the emotion been more eloquently written . . . thank You."
S.P., Marin County, CA

"Thank you for helping to clarify a lot of emotions and grief over my cat Bowies death. I feel a lot of release and calming in my heart. While you were talking with Tamu and Taj they were very still and attentive. The minute I hung up the phone the were playing and tumbling all over."
April P., TN

"Our deepest, heartfelt appreciation for your willingness to soulfully travel with us. You have enriched our lives with inspiration and celebration during this time of our dog Kura's transition."
C.A., San Rafael, CA

"I want to thank you for our beautiful reading with Pierre. It was a wonderful exchange of energy and message . . . very timely and healing. I will always miss Peirre on the physical plane and yet I know know he is available on the spirit. Thank you."
Nancy Howe, Shelbourne Falls, MA

"I don't know what I would have done without your compassion, support and kind helpful words during Bink's last days. I will always be grateful."
Gloria Garland, Escondido, CA

"Thank you for being there with us during our cat China's death. With your help, and with the help of the Anaflora Flower Essences that you sent for all of us, her passing was a growth-full experience that allowed us to view her life and death as one beautiful whole. We cannot see her anymore, but just as you said, she is with us as she always was, guiding our way an angel as she was on earth. We are now giving the Anaflora Bereavement Formula to our other animals and taking it ourselves. Even though we don't feel grief stricken as we might have without your help, the flower essences are bonding us in a way we never thought possible. Thank you for gently guiding us toward a higher view of the role of the precious animals in our lives."
S.B., Bronx, NY

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