Locating "missing" animals is one of the most difficult and often heart rending areas of telepathic work. Often the information received from the animal if it can be communicated with at all is by way of visual images from the animal's "eye view" or perspective of its environment.  This is often not so useful in terms of actually finding the animal's physical location. Unfortunately, missing animals cannot give direct information regarding their whereabouts as a person might, such as "please come and get me, I am at the corner of Hollywood and Vine."

     Many times animals that we perceive to be missing are not "missing" at all, but rather off on an adventure of their own design for their own purposes. Cats, for instance, often go on "vision quests" and simply will not return home until the quest is completed. Some missing animals have been stolen or "rescued" by individuals able to justify taking a solitary animal. Even when one can access information from animals in such situations, the information is usually not useful in returning the animal home. Sadly, many "missing" animals are dead. When an animal has died it is often useful to the human beings involved to at least bring things to closure. In some cases of missing animals however, telepathic information does help in returning an animal home.

     In one such case, a tracking dog that had been lost for four days in the area of the Grand Canyon in Southern Utah. When I communicated with the dog I could tell that it was injured, but alive, wet and covered with mud. When I gave this information to the people involved, they said that they didn't think it could be accurate, since the dog had disappeared in an extremely dry area with no water at all, which was why they were so worried. As it turned out though, the dog had tumbled over a cliff at the rim of the canyon and tumbled hundreds of feet to the water below, badly injured, but alive and able to drink water. The dog was rescued by some brave souls who climbed into the ravine after him.


"I can't thank you enough for your prompt help. You were right on with this one! As you describe things when Sasha slipped out of the house she had gone down the driveway, down the street to the left and was hiding under a porch where she was looking out at a blue truck and some children's bicycles. As soon as I hung up the phone after talking with you, we rushed down the driveway, down the street to the left found the truck, found the bicycles, found the porch and found Sasha!"
R.M. Laguna Niguel, CA

"Thank you for being there for us when Tazi disappeared. Your insight and wisdom gave us the strength and ability to follow our hearts. Tazi did come home around ten in the evening just as you said he would . . . Our love and appreciation for your guidance!"
Lynn Styles, Santa Rosa, CA

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