"On many occasions people are deeply touched to find, through communication with a beloved animal, just how intimately interwoven the animals life purpose is with their own. When I travel and talk with people, I enjoy giving them examples of the profound ways in which their animal companions can assist them in resolving deep soul issues and coming in to deeper resonance with their true soul purpose. I refer to this as the Ministry of Animals."

All Anaflora flower essence formulas are "inter-species" and are very suitable for people to take along with their animals. Many people who do not presently have animal companions take the Anaflora formulas and single essences with wonderful results. This is particularly true with Return to Joy, Special Stress, Recovery, Senior, Missing You, Loneliness, Essence of Nature, Christ Consciousness and others. These words from Anaflora customers and clients illustrate the usefulness of "Anaflora for people."


"I visit your website every once in awhile, just to feel close to the wonderful love that you, your writing and your website exude. And I just want to say, once again, that I'm so glad to have connected with you. I can hear your loving voice saying the words I read on your website and it just brings tears to my eyes."
Debbie Garner, Seattle WA

"Thanks so, so very much, Dearest for writing about the soul wrenching exploitation & subjugation of our Earth companions, inhabiting the Animal Kingdom. This is especially Specially touching to my heart & soul . . . . Thank You

"My only live in companion for 15 years, A beautiful red doberman passed away not long ago. I let her go yet the pain is still with me. Reading your articles helped me, let the tears begin to flow. All my life I have been unable to fully grieve. I have now begun the process of going back and grieving for my father- i was barely 2 yrs. I appreciate your hard work and beautifully attuned spirit."
In Love & Compassion, Dehara

"Thank you for the great consultation/reading. The energy from our conversation was beautiful and so healing. Your Return to Joy really helped one of my clients cats. The cat had been very sick and she saw a difference in him emotionally. Thank you."
Cheryl McDermott, Animal Communicator, NC

"Thank you so much for the session last week! I know it's your profession and all, but it left me with such a sense of peace and acceptance. Your words were so reassuring and supportive. I now feel that there is some sense to this very challenging time and that I will emerge from all of this confusion a better person. I hope to speak to you again sometime soon."
Angela Lambright, Las Vegas,NV

"My stress level is much improved since beginning the special flower essences you sent for me several months ago and I can't tell you how valuable it has been receiving your incredible insights during this transitional time - you are a treasure."
Anne Rothenberg, Mill Valley, CA

"I have had very, very good comments about the presentation you gave at the Delta Society Conference. You had a very deep-seated, powerful impact on the people you addressed a deep, deep, deep going in to the very root of their beliefs or disbeliefs and helping them to shift in a most positive way. My congratulations for that!"
Board of Directors, Delta Society

"Your presentation at the Conference was wonderful! I was moved to tears by your integrity and the depth of your understanding of and deep caring for animals. Your work with flower essences is extraordinary and the case studies you chose to share with us were moving beyond words. Thank You."
Barbara Shore, DVM

"My cat Poppy died last year after several years of kidney disease. I had a session with you at the beginning of her illness. You told me that I was the one with health challenges and that Poppy was remaining with me, in spite of her illness. I also learned from you that our animal's illnesses can be warning signs to us. As it turned out, I did indeed have kidney disease of which I was totally unaware before our session. My health is returning now. Poppy waited to die until I was much better. Knowing what she did for me has increased my understanding of the profound relationship we shared. Thank you so much."
Lee Adams, Norwalk, CT

"Thank you so much for your help in overcoming my life long "allergy" to cats. With your guidance, and the help of the Anaflora flower essences I am now the proud owner of Anastasia, a lovely long haired black and white cat. She even sleeps on my bed, something I never thought possible.
J.M., San Anselmo, CA

"I have suffered from severe seasonal allergies for many years. After ten days on the flower essence formula you sent they have cleared up completely. Please send me another bottle, I don't want to be without them!"
E.P., Highlandville, MO

"I truly appreciate your articles and know that those readers who enjoy the use of flower essences as well as those who wonder about their use will look forward to hearing from you again and again. For the readers and for myself I once again thank you for sharing your wisdom with us. 
Charlene Smith, Editor, Natural Pet Magazine

"My young cat Jeffrey had suddenly been diagnosed with failing kidneys for no apparent reason. Sharon sent me an article she had written in which she talked about animals taking on human illnesses to keep their beloved people from becoming ill. I suddenly realized that an undiagnosed illness that I had suffered from for years was strikingly similar in symptoms to those exhibited by Jeffrey. I had a doctor run a kidney function test which had not been done before and sure enough I was in the early stages of kidney failure. I am now being treated for my condition and Jeffrey is healthy and happy again."
A.M., Ontario, Canada

"I want to thank you for your help and the spiritual guidance you gave to my feline family and me. There is an overall calm and peace with all of them. I now make time to meditate with my animals and they truly enjoy this time together! What I learned with your guidance brought me much closer to my animals and I feel as if I have a better understanding of why we are all together."
M.S., Roslyn, NY

"Thank you for your article on the loss of a beloved animal, it seemed to have been written just for me. I have long been aware that the loss of one of my animals has been more painful than the loss of a human, but never has the emotion been more eloquently written . . . thank You."
Sarah Parker, Marin County, CA

"Thank you for your article on Telepathic Communication and Flower Essence Therapy in the Treatment of Epilepsy in Dogs Through reading it I gained some valuable insights into my own dogs behavior. Keep up the good work!" 
Wallace Pierce, Davis, CA

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