Strengthening Your Spirit While Caring For A Dying Animal

Your life can change in many ways when your animal companion is dying. You might find yourself turning to your spiritual side more and more to help you cope. This is a wonderful thing. It is one of the most beautiful gifts the animals have for us . . . . The gift of turning us toward a life of Spirit. There will likely be times during the process that you question your faith. Both turning more in the direction of Spirit and questioning that Spirit are both normal as you try to re orient yourself during your beloved friends last days or weeks.

It is important to remember that your not alone at this time. Many people have taken this spiritual journey guided by their beloved animal companion.

Each One of Us Has a Spiritual Dimension to Our Being
Every one of us has a spiritual dimension. Whether you venture into a church, synagogue, mosque, temple or into the heart of nature you are a spiritual person.

Everyone holds beliefs and values about what makes life worthwhile, and many people have experienced peak moments with a beloved animal in which they have felt connected to a deeper meaning of reality - whether they call that reality God, Truth, Spirit or the Great Unfathomable Mystery. Spiritual moments often happen at the most unexpected times, in the presence of the dawning of a new day, the beauty of a sunset, in a house of worship, in the company of a child or when looking in the face of your aging animal companion. At times such as these we often have the strong sense of a greater power.

Each person's spiritual beliefs and experiences are nurtured in different ways. For some, participation in a religious tradition is important. Others draw spiritual understanding from many different sources such as inspiring books, philosophy and the arts. Whatever your spiritual orientation, remember that it is a dimension of your life that can be developed and strengthened at this time.

A Strong Sense of Spirituality Will Help You and Your Animal Friend
A sense of meaning, purpose and connection beyond yourself can help you to have a better quality of life while caring for your beloved animal friend, and the animal will benefit as you turn toward all that is spiritual. Both you and your animal will experience less anxiety and depression as you do this. The animal may even experience less pain if you remain spiritually connected during her death process.

Spiritual Crisis Can Be a Path to Spiritual Growth
During your journey with the animal you may at times feel troubled spiritually. May people caring for a dying loved one feel angry and betrayed by God or the universe. Some people realize that they have never before had to explore the deeper meaning of their lives. The approaching death of a beloved animal companion may be a tremendous gift from them prompting a re-examination of priorities and beliefs prompting you to seek deeper insight into life.

Remember that it is alright to have doubts, or even to loose faith completely for a time. It is alright to question God or your understanding of God even to be angry at God is all a part of the great unfoldment of our inner spiritual selves. All things change. Allow your feelings and they too will change. Look into the face of your beloved animal friend, you will see God there.

Keep Your Center
Take time each day or several times a day to get away by yourself in nature. Your animal friend will be fine for a while alone, and may enjoy a break from the intensity of your emotions. Read inspiring literature that appeals to you. Seek the help of friends, join a prayer or meditation group. Keep a journal to express your feelings and memories.

Be As You Are
Allow yourself to simply be as you are in the presence of your animal friend and ask for guidance from those higher beings by whom you feel inspired. Above all else, love yourself and cherish each and every moment as your friend comes closer to the threshold of deaththe birth of her soul 
into a realm of radiant light and love.

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