By Rita Reynolds

Blessing The Bridge - What Animals Have to Teach Us About Death and Dying 
Rita Reynolds
This is the most wonderful, illumined book ever written on the subject. Destined to be a classic. Rita Reynolds is not only a suburb writer, but has truly experienced all that she writes about. Her life is dedicated to assisting animals through an illumined transition. See Rita Reynold's section in the Grieving menu for some of her beautiful articles.

The Art of Spiritual Healing
Joel Goldsmith
This wonderful book presents the results of thirty years of experience in practicing spiritual healing and epitomizes the teachings of this wonderful American mystic and spiritual teacher. Joel alternates instruction with meditation to demonstrate that physical well being results naturally from attaining a consciousness of oneness with God. Extremely beautiful, inspiring and uplifting. As we attain a consciousness of oneness with God, the people and animals with whom we live will benefit immeasurably as well.

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying
Soya Rinpoche - Edited by Andrew Harvey
A classic volume on death and dying exquisitely edited by Andrew Harvey. All meditations and practices given can easily be adapted for use with animals.

Boundless Healing - Meditation Exercises to Enlighten the Mind and Heal the Body
Tulkyu Thondup
A wonderful handbook of healing from the Buddhist tradition. Powerful, authentic and yet simple meditations to bring health to body and mind, heart and spirit. The meditations can easily be adapted for use with animals. Animals are very telepathic and if we do healing meditations for them, their bodies, minds and spirits will respond with gratitude.

Animals as Teachers and Healers and Animals as Guides for the Soul
Susan Chernak McElroy
Two beautiful books that weave together Susan Mc Elroy's personal story of triumph over cancer with the help of her beloved animals with contributions from others. Beautiful and inspiring for anyone who has loved and lost a beloved animal.

Healing Grief - Reclaiming Life After Loss
James Van Praagh
For anyone who has ever feared death or grieved the loss of a loved one James Van Praagh's spiritual stories and lessons will heal your heart. There is a whole chapter devoted to grieving the loss of an animal.

Facing Death and Finding Hope
Christine Longaker
Christine chronicles her journey through the death of her husband. This book is written from a Buddhist perspective but the meditations and practices can be done by anyone and are very helpful.

Dry Those Tears
Robert A. Russell
This little book was written in 1951 and is a classic. I believe it is out of print, but I have been able to find a copy of it here and there.

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