Pansy was a forlorn, grey kitten with a wistful flower-face, and big soft eyes which held memories of many sad experiences. For the eyes of animals tell of their numerous earth lives, even as do the eyes of human beings, and to know their story it is but necessary to understand how to read them.

     One day while out trying to find what the big world contained, Pansy fell, and her frail little back was broken. Beneath the weight of pain her big eyes grew more wistful and the flower-face became thinner and more sharply defined.

     About this time a blessed fairy godmother found Pansy and carried her away to live in a beautiful home by the sea. Then all the hard days were over, as the beautiful lady had a truly divine understanding of her younger brothers, and left nothing undone to fill Pansy's days with care and tenderness so that the little life might reap the full benefits of her earth-time experience. But despite all, the little body grew frailer and more attenuated. The tiny etheric double could be seen by sensitive eyes to be at times almost half free from the physical form, and it was only through her devoted response to the love and kindness lavished upon her that she was able to remain upon the earth plane at all.

     Throughout the days while the fairy-godmother was engaged in her ministrations of healing, Pansy would sit in the window and watch the Invisible Helpers...she thought they were angels...filling the godmother's room with beautiful thoughts and images. When the fairy godmother came home in the evening she gathered these for future use in helping to lift the sorrows of the world. While Pansy was unable to reason about these matters, she knew instinctively that these beautiful beings were bringing love and happiness to her fairy godmother, for when she came into the room her face would look as thought the sun shone behind it. Then the little heart would beat very fast beneath its small, grey coat, and dancing lights would gleam within the tender eyes. But those who do not understand saw only a small grey kitten purring on the window ledge.

     Outside the fairy godmother's window grew a beautiful white rose bush, and Pansy soon discovered that she used the roses for some special purpose in her work, since she tended them so carefully and always showed the deepest satisfaction and gratitude when finding a perfect blossom. At night Pansy was accustomed to watch the nature spirits building the flowers. In the lonely days before she had found the fairy godmother she had passed all of her nights so, and now that she discovered how much the rose bush meant to her guardian she chose to make it her particular charge. On the nights of the full moon the nature spirits were especially active. At these times Pansy would sit carefully watching them all night long. Sometimes her little body grew very weary and the pain of the broken back was almost past endurance. But were not her nightly vigils a service and a sacrifice of love? It was in that spirit that Pansy, motionless and in silence, watched the nature spirits for hours as they fashioned the tender petals, and looked as with eyes transfixed upon the beautiful fairies as they breathed fragrance into the hearts of the blossoms. But of all this ethereal performance, human eyes saw no more than a little grey kitten staring intently into the night.

     For her loving attentions to the growing roses, Pansy felt herself richly rewarded when she saw her fairy godmother come in the morning to tenderly gather and carry away the fragrant white blossom on their beautiful mission of healing. Whenever opportunity offered, Pansy would walk beside her beloved guardian so long as her small strength permitted, and when she could go no farther she still followed with sad eyes until the loved figure was completely lost to sight beyond the hills. Returning home alone, Pansy's little body grew so tired that she was forced to rest many times in the shade of the tall grasses by the wayside, yet all the while the little heart beat happily and the wistful face was luminous with memories of tender caresses and gentle words.

     Despite the great love that kept Pansy's faithful heart alive, the hold upon the delicate body grew less. One day the pain was almost unbearable, yet she crept to where the white roses grew to watch for the fairy godmother's coming. That day she was later than usual for many people had required her loving ministries. Often the crippled little grey figure would try to raise itself upon hearing a distant footfall, and the ebbing light would gleam anew in the shadowed eyes. But as the twilight fell on the sea, the tired little body fell forward on the grass, and when the fairy godmother arrived, the gentle heart had ceased to beat. Tenderly she pick up the slight form and carried it away, for in the greatness of her heart she finds room for all God's creatures. None are too small and humble to escape her love.

     Reverently she placed Pansy's little body beneath the white roses where she had so often kept her long vigils. And now, for those who see, when the light of the Moon is full and the nature spirits are busiest, ofttimes amid the shadows comes a small grey form bounding as lightly as the fairies themselves, for the little back is no longer crooked or misshapen. And many times when the beautiful angels are filling the room with love thoughts for the fairy god mother, the little flower face is close beside them. And they, too, smile tenderly upon it, for in their great hearts no love is ever too small to be unnoticed or go unrewarded. But for those who cannot see all this there is only a wee little mound beneath the grass upon which the white rose petals fall softly like flakes of perfumed snow.

     The beautiful services which angels render to man do not embrace the whole of their mission on earth. Our younger brothers of the animal kingdom also come under their protective care. Those who are about the Father's business in the heaven worlds know that there is no real separation between the living and the dead, and so they return often to flood their former earthly dwelling places with love and blessings. In tenuous shadow forms, animals also revisit their former homes and stay close beside those whom they loved while in earth expression.

     In that great aperture of light which divides the seen from the unseen and the visible from the invisible, and which to mortal knowing appears as a door or passage, stands a glorious being who directs and guides all those who pass back and forth between the inner worlds of the Real and the outer realms of their reflection. This beautiful being is known as the Divine Mary, The Blessed Lady with Hands of Light....hands so illumined because of her constant and loving ministrations for all living things. From her hands flow streams of effulgent light that flood eternally this Bridge of Transition between the living and the dead. The beautiful Mary guides not only the souls of human beings but those of animals as well.

     In flower-speech the angels make tangible this truth for all those who will receive it; and so they have fashioned the exquisite Pansy as a reflection of the multitudes of animal faces which hover ofttimes about the loved ones to whom they were loaned for so brief a stay. On their velvet petals are inscribed the loving prayers which encircle the earth when angels hang the curtains of twilight, star-pinned, from the skies.

     And thus it is that this loved little blossom bears the name of Pansy....pensez a moi....think of me.

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