Promoting the Awareness of Animals as Spiritual Beings

     Thank you for your interest in Emissaries of St. Francis and for your kind offer of assistance in bringing bereavement support to those grieving the loss of beloved animal companions. 

     Through my animal communication and healing practice, it has come to my attention that many people bereaved over the loss of beloved animal companions have no where to turn for support and therefore feel utterly alone with their feelings. Individual people are on differing levels of awareness as to the sacredness of animals and many people still think of them as expendable. For this reason, those of us who feel a deep soul connection with animals often find ourselves without support from family or friends when an animal dies. Although some therapists counsel clients after the death of an animal, there is still often a deep level of caring and empathy lacking, and many people simply cannot afford costly therapies. The idea of therapy itself can leave people with a feeling that there is something wrong with them, or wrong about the deep feelings they experience after the death of a beloved animal friend.

     When my beloved cat Shoji (pictured above) died it was at a time in my life when I had no resources for therapies and no one seemed to understand the depth of my grief. I promised myself then, that if I was ever in a position to do so, I would find some way to make grief support available to all people who grieve for animals. That time has come and I am grateful to you for your support. I feel that an acute sensitivity to animals is an important step in our evolution as human beings. How can we love each other unconditionally until we love the animals who are representatives, emissaries of unconditional love on earth. 

     Since childhood, I have felt a deep connection to St. Francis of Assisi, the patron of animals and nature. After Shoji’s death I felt the presence of St. Francis more strongly than ever, nurturing me. He seemed approving of my deep feelings. I feel that the inspiration for Emissaries came directly from St. Francis and that he over-lights the project even now.

     No special degree is necessary to become an Emissary – just an extra degree of caring, and you already have that, responding to this call for participation as you did. Simply being able to listen and to tell your own story is all that is necessary. By doing these two things with a grieving person we bear witness to their experience and make it Sacred. In this way the giver and the receiver become one, the animal’s soul is released to its highest purpose, and a sense of closure is felt. The grief may linger, but through your friendship the loneliness of the experience is relieved, a sacred sharing occurs, and life can go on once more.

     The number of Emissaries grows weekly, and our hope is that Emissaries will be large enough in numbers that no one will be without support and no one who is offering support will be burdened.

     On the second page of this letter please answer a few questions for us so that we can better serve those who call us and so that you can feel comfortable knowing that you will not be burdened with too many calls.

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