Promoting the Awareness of Animals as Spiritual Beings

How many calls can you comfortably handle?
Do you have a preference for offering to assist people who have recently lost companion dogs
Are you comfortable working with both men and women? 
Do you have certain days or hours that calls are more appropriate?
Do you prefer to receive a message and then call the person back?

     *Be assured that any calls that come your way at times that are not convenient for you can simply be referred back to Emissaries for further referral.

     It is the policy of Emissaries not to accept payment for bereavement services. Emissaries does, however, accept donations to help defray the cost of postage, mailings and office assistance. Anyone making a donation to Emissaries of St. Francis (at the address on the front of this letter) will be sent a beautiful Certificate of Appreciation. Those sending memorial contributions will be sent a Emissaries of St. Francis Certificate in the name of the animal that has died.

     Emissaries will soon be offering a beautiful CD and tape of inspirational music and words to comfort those grieving the loss of beloved animal friends. All profits from the tape and CD will benefit:

The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald TN,
Dr. Michael Fox’s Animal Sanctuary in Southern India 
Emissaries of St. Francis Expansion Project.

     Thank you for your heartfelt willingness to donate your precious time to this most important project. Through your love, the world will be lifted closer to a state of grace for all beings.

Daytime phone if appropriate:
Evening phone

I understand that I may simply refer back to Emissaries any calls that I am unable to take. Keep Emissaries apprised of any address or telephone number changes.

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