Promoting the Awareness of Animals as Spiritual Beings

     Emissaries of St. Francis , founded by Sharon Callahan and based in Mt. Shasta, was formed as a spiritual educational organization to promote the awareness of animals as spiritual beings. As well as hosting conferences and gatherings, Emissaries is developing a world wide network of caring individuals willing to lend an ear and a heart to those suffering the loss of a beloved animal companions.

     This service will be offered regardless of an individuals ability to pay. It is the belief of Emissaries that no one should be without the comfort of a friend when grieving the loss of a beloved animal. The death of an animal can, at times, touch people even more deeply than the death of a human being and it is often difficult, if not impossible, to find the support needed at such times.

     Emissaries of St. Francis is currently developing a world-wide network of caring individuals willing to assist those grieving the loss of beloved animal companions. No special training or degree is necessary to become an emissary . . . just a degree of caring. Simply listening and sharing your own story is all that is necessary in most cases. It is our hope that Emissaries will be great enough in number that all grieving people and animals will be supported and no one will be burdened. Please consider joining us in giving back, in some small way, the gift of love we receive from our animal friends. Feel free to pass this information along to others.

     Anyone interested in becoming an Emissary of St. Francis or learning more about the grief counseling services provided by the Emissaries network should contact Sharon Callahan through the Anaflora office at the address or phone numbers listed below.

Your love can make a difference!

     Emissaries of St. Francis is presently established as a non-profit business organization. In the future, the plan is for it to incorporated as a non-profit educational and religious organization. The present board of advisors consists of Sharon Callahan, Susan Chernak McElroy, and John Purusha Price. Donations to assist in the formation and establishment of this network of grief assistance counselors are greatly appreciated, although at the present time donations to Emissaries of St. Francis are not tax exempt.

Conference on Animals and Spirituality

     Emissaries of St. Francis was the inspiration for creating, the first Conference on Animals and Spirituality held on in 1996 on October 4th, the Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi. The inaugural event was held at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in the magnificent Angel Valley of Southern Utah. The conference focused on the sacredness and spirituality that is a natural component of the Animal Kingdom and what we can do to foster this understanding in ourselves, our communities and the world. Just as awareness of the earth as living being is growing in the human population, the conference pioneered the concept of animals as spiritual beings. as with many other things, it is an "idea whose time has come." Along with fostering the health of our animal companions, the conference explored ways in which we can assist the unfoldment of the spiritual dimension of animals. Another theme of the conference is to promote the understanding that our companion animals are not here just for our own benefit and enjoyment, but as unique spiritual beings, they have their own special tasks, missions and lessons to learn during their life in this dimension.

     If you wish to learn more about the wonderful world of animals and spirit, please join Emissaries of St. Francis as we explore the sacredness and spirituality that is a natural component of the animal kingdom. For information contact Emissaries of St. Francis at the address below.  To learn more about past and future conferences see the Events and Conferences page

Emissaries of St.Francis
Promoting the Awareness of Animals as Spiritual Beings

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