What Animals Teach us About Death, Dying and Beyond
By Rita Reynolds

     For more than twenty years, author Rita Reynolds has worked with sick and dying animals to ease their pain and fear, and to comfort them in the final stages of life. Just as Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross pioneered a deeper understanding of death and dying for humans, Rita does similarly for dying animals, both domesticated and wild.

     Blessing the Bridge goes beyond the advice of most pet loss books as Rita shares touching and inspiring stories of animals who have graced her life and the lessons they have offered for living and dying. Her compassionate approach allows for a more expansive understanding of our connection to animals and how to be with them in the moment, even when they are sick and dying.

     Rita Reynold’s non-secular, spiritual perspective on death and its blessings is refreshing and hopeful. She offers practical suggestions for comforting an animal during the transition into death as well as ways to take care of yourself and your grief after the death of a beloved animal. She shares experiences that she has had with animals who have died, and why she believes that their spirits live on.

     Rita Reynolds is the founder of Howling Success, an animal sanctuary located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains near Charlottesville, Virginia. Her sanctuary has been home to hundreds of animals in need of love and comfort. Since 1990, Rita has co-edited and published laJoie, The Journal in Appreciation of All Animals, a quarterly journal regarding reverence for all life, along with Mary K. Birkholz, Founder and Director of Caring for Creatures, a Living Sanctuary in Fluvanna County Virginia for homeless, abandoned, and abused dogs and cats.

“Rita Reynolds is one of the most outstanding individuals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Her dedication to and unconditional love of animals is unmatched. Blessing the Bridge is destined to become a classic and will be cherished by animal lovers for decades to come.”

Sharon Callahan 

Rita M. Reynolds P.O. Box 145 Batesville, VA 22942 540-456-6204. 

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