Prince is my Turkish Angora special friend. We've been together 11 years and he was a grown cat when he came to me making him 17 or 18 years old. He has been there for me in my roughest times, coached my voice students, appeared in dreams of those who've come for healings, and opened me in so many ways. He's always been the guinea pig for my latest healing gadgets and has taught me through need, powerful new healing techniques that when applied to people have produced miracles. Prince has been with me many lives and is now almost complete with this one, preparing his exit to the other side.

     Death is an important part of life and the last great lesson my dear friend Prince gave me. My friend Sharon Callahan confirmed my own intuition when she told me Prince wanted a natural death and not to be put to sleep. He had died many times in other lifetimes, but never surrounded by love.

     I had kept Prince alive by grace for a number of years through allowing God's healing touch to flow through him. He also had blue green algae, beta gold, noni juice, kitty enzymes, essiac, Anaflora flower essences, soundwave tapes, redlight treatments, tachion and Dinshaw colored light applications and the healing talents of special spiritual souls who pass through Mt. Shasta where I liveand make their way to my home. However, being 18 years old, Prince was ready to return to the greater part of who he is.

     So on returning from My latest trip I discovered Prince was not able to go up the stairs anymore. Knowing that I had to leave shortly for Brazil for a month and that he couldnąt survive that long without his treatments from me, I told him I never wanted him to go, but if he had to go, now would be the best time so we could say goodbye. Master presence that Prince is and within two hours he was in the death process.

     I have had people close to me pass on, but I'd never had the experience of being the principle caretaker and being there for that loved one. What a lesson! Animals often die horrible deaths. Sometimes their whole lives are prepared to be food and then meet death under horrible conditions surrounded with fear. There are sudden deaths of even pets that are dearly loved by being put to sleep. They're not given the natural time to leave this world that they were given to come into it. In a meditation for Prince with a few dear souls in Shasta, we found Prince was taking other animals into his aura so they could experience what it would be like to pass on with love.

     Prince was in his own room with my music going continuously. Many people have told me their stories of how this music played a significant part in the death of someone they loved. Now I was experiencing it myself and I found that my own compositions gave Prince the "bed of cushioned sound" he and I needed.

     I was tempted to use the words "my cat" and seeing the once beautiful body deteriorating before my eyes, filled me with deep emotions. But then I would say in my mind "God's cat" and my emotions would become calm, I could breathe and allow the healing currents to flow and create the same space of love and peace on this side that I could sense on the other side that a part of him was already entering. Once Prince began this process, he decided he was in no hurry and took the whole week. When I would have to leave, the instant I'd return he'd acknowledge me with the tiniest purr and look to say "I love you and know that you're here". The last evening I stayed up all night with him and in the morning when it was time to leave, he was still there for me. He couldn't leave with me still here. On the airplane I was still deeply connected and then suddenly I felt he was gone. I couldn't energetically reach him and I knew he had made his transition. When I changed planes in Miami I called my friend who had returned from taking me to the airport and had his hand on Prince until the moment his spirit left. Prince gave a jolt, the light left his eyes and he was gone. It was the exact time I felt Prince go. 

     Upon arriving at my destination in Brazil, I went to Foz do Iguacu, the incredible waterfall complex at the border of Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil. Water is nature's correspondence to our emotions and being surrounded in moving waters allows our emotions to pass through us. So I'm so grateful to God for orchestrating the moving of my emotions in His healing waters and allowing me to have the gift of time spent with such a special friend. He taught me that everything and everyone changes in this realm and that the only thing that is real is God. God's expression in this world is love and that can never be taken away.

     So for those of you who read these words, when the time comes for your animal friend to make his or her transition, tune in and see what your friend really wants. Remember my words and if you can give him and yourself the gift of a natural passing with love.

Prince made his transition into the Light September 2nd, 1998
***Erik is an international recording artist and healer living in Mt. Shasta, CA You will hear his beautiful harp music on many of the pages of the Anaflora website. Animals love Erik's beautiful angelic music. Many Anaflora clients have used Erik's music to soothe anxious or sick animals as well as to assist their animals through the transformation called death. For more information visit Erik at

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