By Stuart Camps, Fear-No-More Zoo

     Adi Da Samraj has always loved frogs. In 1997 I presented Him with a large emerald green Tree Frog (Litoria caerulea). Silky smooth, with big Contemplative eyes and a full, fleshy body, Adi Da named him "Jungle Pudding". Jungle Pudding was given a home in a beautiful, spacious environment within Adi Da's Residence at the Mountain Of Attention Sanctuary. Upon their first meeting Adi Da described Jungle Pudding as a "deva" and said that he was "totally gone (in Bliss)"...

     Some time later Jungle Pudding was joined, in his large forested habitat, by a slightly larger frog (a female of his kind). Although not quite as green, she was no less exquisite than he. Upon her arrival Adi Da changed Jungle Pudding's name to "Sky Pudding", so that the new female could be known, herself, as Jungle Pudding. (The jungle is more about feminine energies, while the sky is more of a male quality.)

     One night recently, Sky Pudding died. We left his body to rest in place for the day. In the afternoon I performed a simple transition and blessing ceremony on his now drying and shriveling form. We are not sure why he died. Something about his quality changed a year ago when, for about a month, his physical signs became depressed. With treatment he recovered from that period, but never fully back to how he had been previously, although he seemed generally well. He was a mature frog.

     It was almost dusk when I did the ceremony on Sky Pudding's body in Fear-No-More Zoo's central Sacred Garden. All the frogs in the distant ponds were barking loudly. Close in around the Garden and Adi Da's Seat, however, there were no frog noises at all. Yet, when I began to wave light and incense over the body, a deep croaking came booming and echoing out of the pipe that spills water into the garden pond. This hidden "caller" from the frog realms continued his acknowledging invocation almost to the end of the ceremony, when he stopped as suddenly as he had begun.

     I put Sky Pudding's body on ice until I heard from Adi Da about where He wanted the frog buried. The next day while I was in Santa Rosa I received a call on my cell phone with a message from Adi Da Samraj about where I should bury Sky Pudding, and that I should also make a headstone for his grave site. At the time of receiving this call I was actually pulling into the driveway of a stone engraver to employ him in another project. The timing was perfect. I picked out a good frog-stone from his special pile of rocks and asked him to inscribe it with the name of this special, profound frog. Sky Pudding is buried, alongside some other remarkable non-humans, in a small grave area within the grounds of a Holy Site here called "Earth-Fire Temple". The frog, Sky Pudding, now forever becomes a part of the Sacred History of our Culture, further reminding us of our integral relationship with the non-humans and their inherent Equality, at Heart, with us.

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