Laying the Foundation for Animal Communication
Although communication with animals and other forms of life can take place on many levels, each with its own beauty and usefulness, our capacity to communicate with other forms of life cannot exceed the level on which we rest spiritually.

For this reason it is important for us to work continually on our own process of unfoldment,
the unfoldment of . . .
our True Self.


The practice of meditation is the best way we know to facilitate knowledge of the true Self. Meditation polishes the mirror of perception and allows us to see beyond the limits of our physical being and into the realms of unlimited spiritual being. As this occurs, we automatically allow a merging with the single source of Life and Being which gives us access to communion with all the forms in which it appears.

As we still our mind and emotions through regular meditation practice, and as we rest more and more in the present moment, we find a miraculous thing happening. Suddenly we are aware of other forms of life speaking all around us. By allowing our consciousness to rest gently upon any one of these consciousness, be it an animal, a tree, a snowflake, or a ladybug, we find our true Self in the presence of the true Self of the one on which our consciousness rests.

When true Self meets true Self in the context of how they may benefit one another, communion and authentic communication takes place and we find, at least for a moment . . .

that we have touched the soul of another . . .
and through the other . . .
we have touched God.

     Sharon Callahan has been nurturing and refining her connection to animals over thirty plus years. During this time, she discovered that by attuning and opening to a particular animal, she is able to receive feelings, thoughts, and images from the animal about his/her particular life situation. This unique ability has proven to be of great benefit in assisting animals in the ongoing process of balancing and harmonizing their physical, mental, emotional, environmental and spiritual needs. Her expertise in the field of animal communication has gained the respect of individuals, animal welfare organizations, shelters, and veterinarians throughout the world. Sharon's many articles on Animals and Spirituality appear in publications worldwide. Sharon has published two books based upon her pioneering work in the field of flower essence therapy for animals.

     In her gentle, compassionate manner, Sharon assists you in expanding your capacity to communicate with the animals in your life, and to better understand and appreciate what they have come to teach you, and to learn from you. She explores with you ways in which you can tap into the wisdom of all animals. And, of course, she has much to share on the topic of Flower Essence Therapy for Animals.

"To the degree to which we are able to discern the aspect of spirit through the physical veil and to disconnect from mass consciousness and reconnect to our essential Self and to Spirit, is the degree to which we will be able to communicate with other forms of life. Whether the object of our communication be animal, vegetable, mineral, nature spirits, angels, or the true self of a fellow human being, we can only have genuine communion from a place of egolessness and spirit-centered awareness."

  Sharon Callahan

   Purusha Ananda ,after a career as an aerospace engineer, spent over eighteen years visiting living teachers, studying and practicing the spiritual traditions such as Yoga, Sufism and Buddhism. Seeking ways to go beyond the limitations of theoretical or mental teachings, Purusha spent years traveling and living close to teachers in the United States, India, Nepal, Europe and South America. By observing how different spiritual masters lived the teachings and how they applied their learning to the situations that arise in daily life, Purusha was able to learn methods that bridge the theoretical and the practical.

     Purusha has studied and practiced meditation extensively over the past twenty years, developing the quiet sitting of the Zen tradition, the movement and sound meditations of the Sufi's and the engaged and integrating practices taught in the Dzogchen (Great Perfection) Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. This breadth of experience allows Purusha to teach the art of meditation to all seekers, no matter what their current spiritual path or level of practice . . . explaining, adapting and suggesting practices that fit both the person and their circumstances.

     Besides his skill as a teacher of meditation, Purusha is an accomplished musician and artist, whose work focuses upon the harmonizing and blending of heaven and earth. Purusha is is currently working on his first book: Spirit Emerging A guide to Spiritual Unfoldment. His article series: The Sacred Traditions, has appeared in Directions Magazine.

"When trees, plants animals and other people are felt to be the same as yourself, and you are aware and conscious of this in the present unfolding moment, then you cannot possibly disrespect or do them harm. With the expanding awareness developed through meditation practice, the golden rules of Christianity. . . to love your neighbor as yourself and . . .to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. . . automatically come forth. Not as good ideas. . . but as spontaneous actions . . . springing from spiritual vision."

  Purusha Ananda

     Purusha and Sharon offer private and group meditation and telepathic communication instruction. Private instruction is offered long distance by telephone, or in person in Mt. Shasta, California, by prior arrangement. Sharon and Purusha are ordained ministers. Through the Sacred Spirit Ministry of Spiritual Awakening in Mt. Shasta, CA they offer:

  • Non-denominational spiritual counseling

  • Marriage ceremonies indoor or outdoor in the full beauty and splendor of Sacred Mt. Shasta in Northern California

  • Adult and infant baptism

  • House, land and office blessings

  • Animal blessings

  • Spiritual support for the dying

  • After death prayer and meditation support for the transitioning soul

  • Bereavement counseling for those grieving the loss of a beloved human being or animal

  • Memorial services for human beings and animals

Sacred Spirit
Ministry of Spiritual Awakening
P.O. Box 1056, Mt. Shasta, CA. 96067 USA
Telephone: (530) 926-6424 or Fax: (530) 926-1245

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