And what is it to work with love? It is to weave the cloth with threads drawn from your own heart, even as if your beloved were to wear that cloth . . . Kahlil Gibran

     Each soul has the capacity of acting from its innate state of love rather than merely re-acting from personal desire or fear. It is this difference of the source of action that is the delineator of True Service.

     For me, service is more a state of being than an action, and to develop this state of being is the path of true service. Our greatest act of service is to develop the Light of Divinity within our own soul and then to project that light into the darkness of ignorance on earth. As we discover our Inner Divinity, preoccupation with the small, or ego self moves to the background of our awareness, feelings of separation dissolve and we increasingly feel one with all that we behold. As we become our True Self, nothing we see will appear separate from ourselves.

     As this connection with life increases over time, our sensitivity and love of our environment and the creatures that dwell within it will awaken us to continuous opportunities for service, because in every moment our environment presents us with needs. From this perspective we need not look for ways to serve we need only be totally responsive to life in each moment. What does the moment call us to do? Greet a friend or stranger with an open heart? Caress a dog or cat? Smile at the weary grocery clerk? Give full attention to our child's story of the day? Water a thirsty plant. These are all acts of service. As the True Self emerges, and as we respond from this True Self, our every action becomes effortless service, service to the One Divine Life dwelling in all things. We simply give the gift of ourselves in each moment and our gift is our service.

     At those times when we find ourselves incapable of meeting life or ourselves with unconditional love, we can approach things the other way around - by shifting our awareness from self preoccupation to the needs of those around us and by perceiving each being we interact with as a manifestation of God. In this way our ego self again moves to the background and we find that we have slipped in the back door to ourselves. When we consciously put this true self into each action we need do no other task, for giving and receiving become one and we dissolve in Love.

"May I become an inexhaustible treasure For all those who are poor and destitute; May I turn into all things they could need And may these be placed close beside them. 
Shantideva, A Guide to the Bodhisatvas Way of Life

Ancient myth has it that the Peacock is born pure white and it was the Peacock's mission to travel the Earth seeking out negativity and balancing it with love and beauty. Peacocks were rewarded for good deeds with dazzling colors.
Legend of the Peacock

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